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Japanese Candy Box 101: Choosing the Best One

By Kashiking on January 21, 2017
The phenomenon of the Japanese candy box has well and truly hit the internet.
It’s fantastic that you can get pretty much any weird and wonderful Japanese snack delivered to your door (often with free shipping).
But with all the choice, how do you choose the best one for you. This article is designed to help you with that decision:-)

Different kinds of Japanese candy box 📦

If you know anything about Japanese snacks and candy then you’ll be aware that there are literally thousands to choose from..
Spicy squid jerky, sweet ‘ramune’ candy, the myriad flavored corn sticks that are umaibo, chocolate, the list goes on.
Japanese boxes reflect this choice and usually fall into one of three types:
  • Firstly, Cheap dagashi – which means the really small and cheap snacks
  • Also, Character goods – have a lot of goods with anime characters, hello kitty etc in them.
  • And not forgetting…..Traditional confectionary- have more high end, traditional confectionary and cakes.

 Which Japanese Snack Box Should you for For?

Which is better? Well depends on what you’re looking for. If you love all the character stuff, then suppliers like tokyotreat.com are great.
If you are looking for a sample of lots of different flavors then the dagashi option (from companies like japanesefreemarket)
Might well be for you.
The traditional snacks are for those of you who really like a challenge. Lots of mochi, red bean paste, kinako flour. Look no further than boksu.com for the best range of these snacks.

My personal recommendation?

That’s a tough one.
In our house we love all of it. That’s why a well balanced box with some full size snacks for real value and some fun sized ones to try out is the perfect cocktail:-)
That’s what we offer in our box but no traditional stuff though (the really good confectionary has ultra short ear by dates on it) and no kitty chan.
Just a great all round selection in my completely biased opinion:-)
Along with your yummy vacation in a box, it’s great if your Japanese candy box can have some really great and genuine Japanese gifts in it.
I’ve seen origami, and of course the character goods.

Go for something really unique

One wonderful aspect of Japan is that you only have to travel into the next region to get a taste of completely different culture.
Where Tokyo gets its cosmopolitan thing going (which you can experience in other cities in the world) Osaka has its great down to earth thing. Right from Kyushu up to Hokkaido, you can finds different worlds worth of culture and food.
Being based here in Nagoya, smack bang in the middle of Honshu island, we get the best of most parts of Japan.
Plus we have some really authentic Japanese stuff in this area that is rarely seen outside Japan (Ogura toast country ma’am cookies anyone?).
Central Japan is often seen as a place not worth visiting but a great place to live. We’re always happy to save people the effort by bringing a little slice of it your doorstep.

Get Yourself  a Box of Japanese goodies right now!

That’s the beauty of the Japanese candy box. And whoever you order one through you’re guaranteed to get a pleasant surprise and a unique piece of Japan right in your home.
Why not share your Japanese candy box experiences below in the comments?
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